Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back/bicep and progress picture

4 x failure pull ups (13,12,9,7)
4 x 8-12 deadlifts @185lb
4 x 12 bent over bb rows @115lb
4 x 8-12 standing bb curls @65lbs (wide grip)

1st is 4-7-08, 2nd is 5-1-09, 3rd is 6-15-09, 4th is 6-21-10

haven't taken a really recent picture, waiting awhile so the difference is more noticeable, ive finally started to stick with a diet, basically eat fucking everything and 200g+ of protein a day


  1. nice work bro. hard work pays off. i just wish i had will power to stick with it. you should do a post or series on how to maintain the motivation to stick with this.

  2. hmm, maybe i will
    thats a good idea thanks /b/ro

  3. Nice progress man, keep it up!!

  4. Stop posting pictures, you're making me aware of how thin I am. :(

  5. Good results.. when did you take the last pic?